Rental Application

Rental Application - $35 This will be refunded for qualifying candidates. 925 Monthly Rent $600 Security Deposit Security Deposit, First, and Last Month’s rent due upon move in totaling $2450. Terms will be further emphasized in Rental Agreement if qualified. ______2703 Westgate Dr.____________ _______________________________ (House Applying For) (Desired Date of Occupancy) Name_________________________________________________________________ Present Address_________________________________________________________ City___________________________ ST_____________ Zip_____________________ Home Phone (_____)_____________________ Cell Phone (_____)________________ DOB________________ SSN _______________________________ OTHER PERSONS WHO WILL OCCUPY THE HOUSE Name _______________________________ Relationship________________________ SSN ________________________________ DOB _____________________________ Name ________________________________ Relationship _______________________ SSN _________________________________ DOB _____________________________ Do you presently: Own ______ Rent _______ Present (Or most recent) LandLord ______________________________ Phone __________________________ Address _______________________________ Lived there how long? ______________ MTHLY PMT ______________ Why are you leaving? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PRESENT EMPLOYMENT Name and Nature of Business ________________________________________________________________________ Address _________________________________________Phone (______)___________ Position ______________________________ Length of employment _______________ Income _______________ How many autos (including company car) will you keep at the house ____________ 1. ____________________Yr. _________ Lic. Plate ___________ Color ________ 2. ____________________Yr. _________ Lic. Plate ___________ Color ________ 3. ____________________Yr. _________ Lic. Plate ___________ Color ________ Your Driver License #: ________________ Do you have a motorcycle? ______ Lic ____ Do you have any Pets? _________ How Many ________ What kind ________ Weight_______ Age ________ In case of emergency, Notify: ____________________ Phone (_____)_______________ Relationship ____________________ Address ________________City______________ State _____________ Zip _____________ Have you ever been evicted or asked to move?________ Reason__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ By signing this application, you are authorizing the lessor to prepare a background report that may include the following – Social security number and previous address information, criminal records search, present and previous employment information, credit history, and landlord reference. If any information given is false, this application is denied. I understand that the lessor and chosen vendors doe not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information obtained from other sources and that they will not be held liable for any inaccuracy in the information obtained from other sources. Further, I authorize my current and former employers, as well as other organizations to provide such information and I hereby release and hold harmless my current and former employers, as well as other organizations that have provided information in connections with report(s). ______________________________________________________________________ Application’s Signature

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