Google+ Article

So I believe this will be part 1.  After I started unravelling all the features its about impossible to cover everything in one blog.  So there will be a part 2 for this blog.  I hope you enjoy part one.


The reason or spark that initiated me to create a write up of Google+ is due to the amazement I experienced after using Google+ (Plus).  Now just to note I am still a beginning user with this new social media application, however I find it easier than Facebook (fb).  Now fb is easy but when you see what you can do and how fast you can do it within Google+ I believe you will be amazed as well.  If you are an Android phone user posting pictures to Plus is a cinche.  Once you take the picture its already sitting up on Google+ waiting for your action to either share or delete.  You can share with multiple Circles or with just one Circle.  Most of my pictures are directed for the Family because I know my Security Circle does not care nor would they.

Like I have stated before (if you read my Facebook posts) with Plus you can create your own circle of Friends and keep acquaintances at a distance when sharing information.  You can have a friends and family circle (those are their by default) and share a photo with both groups by just check marking the groups you want that photo shared with.  You will see screenshots of this later in the review.  


The reason this is a benefit is due to people that had been fired for displaying their social life on the Internet.  Plus makes it so you can still share your social life (if you want) and keep employers or co-workers at a distance.  Maybe you have a group of 5 friends that you want to share something with, Plus makes it easy with Circles.  Circles is where you define all your groups of friends and how they relate to you (I guess aka circles of friends).  Now I am told you can do this in fb but its several steps to get it right.  So off to review yet another social media application.

Below you will see screenshots of the application with some notes

How does one add friends to Circles?  See below but its pretty self explainatory.  Just Add a new person.  They must have a gmail  email address from what I can tell.  I decided to show you the Circles menu first since this is where you will be adding friends and will most likely start out using immediately.  I started with Circles and then proceeded to the Stream/Home menu.


I am on the Profile page but only pay attention to what I have circled for now and their descriptions.

Stream/Home Page.  As you can see I am on the Friends page.  I could have easily went to the Security page to see what my friends/security professional are posting about in that space.


Another Screenhot


Photo&;s Menu


Screenshot of Photos from phone.


In order to get an account right now you have to be invited by someone who is already using Google+ or been invited by Google directly.  If any of my friends are interested in a Google+ invite please let me know.  Part 2 will be following and will probalby be deleivered next weekend.