How to remove a dll like ddnsfilter.dll

First its handy to have pstools installed but not necessary.

Bring up a command shell -> Start -> Run -> cmd

type> tasklist /m ddnsfilter.dll

C:\WINDOWS\system32>tasklist /m ddns*

Image Name PID Modules
========================= ====== =============================================
svchost.exe 1548 ddnsfilter.dll

Second find the path of the file through windows explorer so you can highlight and delete after killing the 1548 process id or PID
Now if you have pstools

>pskill 1548
>taskkill /PID 1548 /F

Now delete the dll from explorer. Do it quick so it can not come back. If it comes back to quickly you may have to write a small batch file. Save the file as .bat and double-click it. Open Notepad and type the following

C:\Directory where pstools is located>pskill 1548
C:\Program Files\DDNSfilter>del ddnsfilter.dll
Save file as killdll.bat
double-click killdll.bat