Metasploit server/browser_autopwn is having issues

I am getting the following error after running the exploit on almost every client side link.

Exploit failed: uninitialized constant Msf::Encoder::Type::PrintfUtil


My versions are as listed


=[ metasploit v3.7.0-dev [core:3.7 api:1.0]

+ -- --=[ 656 exploits - 343 auxiliary

+ -- --=[ 226 payloads - 28 encoders - 8 nops

       =[ svn r11943 updated today (2011.03.13)



There is some references to this located at

but the solution in there does not appear to work.


In addition it appears that maybe this encoder is missing since its not in this location on any of the new installs that I have tried.  



If anyone has any ideas please share.  This use to work perfectly now I can not get it back working.  I suspect it was from one of the many svn updates I had applied over time.


Found a solution:

sudo cp /opt/framework-3.6.0/msf3/modules/encoders/cmd/printf_php_mq.rb /opt/framework-3.6.0/msf3/modules/encoders/cmd/printf_util.rb