ms08-067-netapi Metasploit exploit also works with systems that are vulnerable with ms09-001

ms08-067-netapi Metasploit exploit also works with system that are vulnerable to ms09-001

I scanned some machines with Nessus on our network and found that ms09-001 was not applied. I had found some machines with ms08-067-netapi and decided to try Metasploit. Well I also decided to try the ms08-067-netapi Metasploit exploit on the ms09-001 and it worked.  Now this could be that Nessus is not determining the correct vulnerablity since this is an unauthenticated scan.  Can someone verify this and report back? 

Onto the exploit so I remoted the machine and piped it backed with VNC.

It gives you SYSTEM privileged.  If the system is locked out use the metasploit courtesy shell and type explorer.  This will bypass the locked desktop.


Take a look


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