Is Nmap smarter than Trustwave

A year ago when I was working for a company that had outdated firewalls at their store locations we were required to abide by PCI 2.0 requirements.  Well we had issues with these firewalls with not completing a PCI scan.  I worked with Trustwave to no end on why these would were timing out and not finishing their scans and the engineer assiting me at the time actually shared the nmap scan that was occuring from their cloud ASV scanners.  

I had to laught when he actually shared it and I ran it for the 1st time.  I did not really pay that close attention to the command as my goal was to fix the issue at hand so these scan could complete.  I did take notice to the message that nmap kicked back at me when I ran this scan.  I kicked the command back off recently becasue I feel I can speak about this now that it has been several years.  Below is the screenshot that I thought was amusing.

Anyhow I started thinking was nmap smarter than Trustwave by saying "Duplicate port numbers specified.  Are you alert enough to be using nmap?"  Well this is just hilarious in my mind especially after all the breaches where Trustwave signed off on being complaint.  I am not saying all the breaches are Trustwaves fault since a portion of the QSA work is derived from interviewing infosec staff.  Most companies do not even have an infosec staff so the next best thing is a network engineer and we all know they are in the game for availabilty, not security.  This really stems to a fundamential problem companies are facing today.  Some companies take the easy way out when they can find or are willing to pay for a good infosec employee.  They may make this responsibility of the network or infrasturcture group and this is a terrible mistake and problem.