Obi100 VoIP gateway that supports Google Voice - Reviewed

By Bill Norment


Obihai Tech has developed both products and applications for voip (voice over ip) communications as well as bridging communications between mobile, landline, and voip services. The product line includes two internet connected device enpoints: OBi100 and OBi110. 
The OBi100 supports Google Voice, SIP (protocol used to setup and breakdown voice & video calls), and OBiTALK VoIP services. The OBi100 does not have an analog phone jack (used for landlines) and relies solely on internet connectivity. Obihai recommends this model for those who do not have a traditional telephone service. OBi100 data sheet -
The OBi110 also supports Google Voice, SIP (protocol used to setup and breakdown voice & video calls), and OBiTALK VoIP services. The OBi110 does have an analog line connection allowing you to bridge your phone services through the OBi110. You can use both your voip and traditional phone service through the device. OBi110 data sheet - My experience is with the OBi110 is with the VOIP setup, but it has other versatile & powerful telephony features. 
The OBi110 works with any PSTN (publicly switched telephone network) or VoIP service. If you have an unlimited calling plan from your telco, you can use the OBi110 to bridge service between the PSTN, the OBitalk network, and a VOIP service (such as Google Talk). The OBitalk network is Obihai&;s own voip network allowing OBi device users to call one another by simply using the unique 9 digit OBi number associated with each OBi device.
If you have a Google Voice account & number, you can set up the OBi110 to use Google Voice as your VOIP provider and place calls through Google Voice using the OBi110. Currently, Google charges nothing for calls place in the U.S. and there are no reoccurring monthly charges. I&;ve been using the OBi110 with Google Voice for almost 3 months and the quality of the calls is outstanding, the availability of the device following a firmware upgrade or reboot is excellent. As a former Vonage customer, these qualities are much appreciated! 
In addition to the Obi devices, Obihai offers apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android allowing you to call from your mobile device through your Obi device. Also, there is a PC app (requires a SIP soft phone, Obihai recommends X-Lite available for Windows, MAC, and Linux). 
In summary, I&;ve been impressed with the call quality and availability of the Obi110 device & Obitalk network. Setting up the device was easy and configuring the device to leverage Google Voice took no more than 20 minutes (with the help of tutorial videos on the Obihai website). The Obi110 currently retails for $49.99 through Amazon and with no per call or monthly charge from Google, the Obi device is powerful, yet inexpensive voip solution.
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