Quick Windows Script to get IP addresses from known computer names

1.  Create a file name computernames.txt and place your computer names in that file.   

2.  Create a file named findips.bat in the same directory as the computernames.txt and paste the the highlighted contents below in that file and save.

Since there is no awk for windows I decided to use powershell.  So basically the powershell command acts as my awk equivalent for windows.

 Also note when in a batch script you must use %% for both windows shell and powershell.
for /f %%i in (computernames.txt) do %%i | "Pinging" >> output1.txt
powershell -Command "Get-Content .\output1.txt | %%{ $_.Split('')[2];} | %%{ $_.Split('[]')[1];}  > 'output.txt'"