Be Careful when seeking Jobs

I just had a company contact me about a job and they wanted resume, references and other information. I had a gut feeling they were trying to get manager names so they could turnaround and sell their contracting services. The reason I got this feeling is because they name dropped one of my friends that I work with. I asked him if he new the girl and he stated he had not. So I only gave her one reference which was my manager and only because I spoke to him first about this and he asked me to forward his info to her so he would find out. Come to find out I was correct. Another lady from this firm called him and was trying to get her foot in the door with contractors.

Watch out for this. Also make sure you never give out your Social Security information until you have met the actual firm you will be working for. (They never asked for this but I can see with the way the economy is that this will be another phishing technique they can use).

Shame on you Oxford Global Resources