Using awk with tcpdump

Say you want to monitor traffic but you want to eliminate your chatty connection traffic so you want to exclude say ssh and/or tcp-3389.

tcpdump -i {interface} -s {packet size} host {host} | awk '!/port1/&&!/port2/'

  #tcpdump -i eth0 -s0 host |awk '!/22/&&!/3389/' 

Also try this - Notice the difference in the awk piece.


ATT losing tons of money by filtering residential ports/services

Awhile ago in Dec of 2008 I tried to sign up for the 6.0 FastAccess DSL plan that ATT was providing. I asked if they filtered specifically port 25 and everyone I spoke to (2 sales 1 technical employees) told me they do not filter any ports/services. So I decided to sign up.

htpasswd by default uses crypt

htpasswd by default uses crypt which truncates passwords greater than 8 characters. So if you create a password with more than 8 you only need to supply the first 8.

You can try this at apache's website. Create a 8+ character password. You will only need the 1st 8.

Anti-Sec Group hacks Astalavista on June 5th 2009

For details see the link.

I guess that is what they get for pirating software.

A list of spam networks to block in Drupal if your website is US based only.

If your website users are only US based then you can use this list to assist in blocking users using the Xrummer software to create dummy user accounts on your system.
How to block malicious / spam networks with Drupal

For Amazon Kindle Reviews Please visist

For kindle and kindle 2 reviews click this link. My friend Ricky Spear created a nice blog about what he likes and dislikes about the Kindle.

If you want to buy the Kindle please visit click here to see all Kindle sales

Using SCP over a different port

#scp '-P 2022' * kod@

You need to edit your sshd_config file located in /etc/ssh/ and change the port to 2022 for this example.

Five common Web application vulnerabilities

Five common Web application vulnerabilities
Sumit Siddharth, Pratiksha Doshi 2006-04-28

1. Introduction

"No language can prevent insecure code, although there are language features which could aid or hinder a security-conscious developer."
-Chris Shiflett

Be Careful when seeking Jobs

I just had a company contact me about a job and they wanted resume, references and other information. I had a gut feeling they were trying to get manager names so they could turnaround and sell their contracting services. The reason I got this feeling is because they name dropped one of my friends that I work with. I asked him if he new the girl and he stated he had not. So I only gave her one reference which was my manager and only because I spoke to him first about this and he asked me to forward his info to her so he would find out. Come to find out I was correct.

How to not worry when logging into online banking? - Run a Linux Live CD.

How to not worry when logging into online banking? - Run a Linux Live CD.
None of the settings are saved. Therefore no spware or malware can get installed and will will not hurt your base Operating System, just do not install the Live CD. You can also use this method in reverse. If you like going to questionable sites run the Live CD after you are done reboot.